League of Legends in China

Chinese players have long been a major factor in the E-sports scene around the world. Starting with Starcraft and World of Warcraft, video games has allowed Chinese players to rise up and compete on the world stage. In many games, the Chinese teams that participate are hugely successful and become major powerhouses that dominate international competition. With this sudden influx in international popularity there becomes a new concern that occurs. Many of these games have black markets for virtual items. Since the wage in China is significantly lower than around the world, many players have participated in elo boost, gold farming, and account power leveling to supplement their income while they practice in hopes of become professional video game players. This phenomena is so common that there is said to be a billion dollar black market for virtual goods.

You may ask, how do these players collect the funds and why do people spend their hard earned money on virtual goods? Well the answer is very simple: ever since the internet was created communication between countries has been made easier than ever before. There are many payment processors that allow these players to sell services and virtual goods. Why would other plays want these items? Psychologists around the world have correlated video gaming to real life. People become so exposed to their online worlds that these video game items have become equivalent to tangible objects in real life. They are given value and are though of such.

Websites like www.cheapeloboosting.com offer services that we have mentioned here. This website is known for offering lol elo boost for the game League of Legends. Although this type of activity is frowned upon by Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends and is punishable through in game suspension and removal of ranked season rewards. These websites are created by highly rated players and provide coaching services and tips for players that want to improve their play. The unique thing about boosting websites is that it only allows players from each server to effectively provide services. Other games like Runescape and World of Warcraft have servers all around the world, which keeps the ping low enough for Chinese gamers to feasibly offer services. In League of Legends servers are located near the gaming community they target. The one for North America is located in Los Angeles, there is one in Amsterdam for Europe West, among others.

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